Attaché Financials

Attaché Financials is a multi-commodity financial transaction management and valuation application, including: deal capture, Mark-to-Market, Value-at-Risk, counterparty settlements and robust reporting.

Deal Entry

Intuitive and efficient screen design makes quick and accurate deal entry possible!


  • OTC Swaps & Options
  • Multi-Commodity Swaps & Options
  • Multi-Month terms
  • Variable pricing and variable volumes over term
  • Fixed & Indexed pricing
  • Monthly or Daily settled
  • Deal verification screens


The Valuation Dashboard puts the User in complete control of the valuation process.


  • Utilizes Standard Valuation methodologies (customization available)
  • Deal level Mark-to-Market (MtM)
  • Historical simulation Value-at-Risk (VaR)
  • Customizable VaR summary and limit levels
  • Robust reporting, including MtM change breakdowns
  • Fast Daily Processing


Counterparty Settlements made simple!

Attaché Financials provides all of the basics, including:

  • Counterparty Invoices
  • Counterparty Statement confirmations tracking
  • Invoice sending & tracking
  • Option Premium payments, confirmation and sending/tracking
  • Rounding adjustments
  • Customized G/L integration is available


Information at your fingertips. Standard and custom reports that reflect data you want to see.

Attaché Financials reporting includes:

  • Function-specific reporting: Deals, Mid Office, Valuation, Accounting, Pricing and Administration
  • Flex Reporting for detailed analysis - no user-programming required!
  • Multiple format output: PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Charts & graphs
  • Over 120 built-in reports
  • Custom report and chart development is available to meet your specific needs


Maintain your pricing data effortlessly! Stores historic price data for in-depth analysis.

Attaché Financials pricing functionality supports:

  • Industry Publications & Indexes (monthly & daily)
  • Posted prices for Settlements
  • Forward Curves for MtM & VaR
  • Excel Forward Curve import

Ancillary Data

Manage ancillary data for Valuation (interest rates, volatility, correlation curves, etc.).

Attaché Financials provides:

  • Excel import capabilities
  • Single value modification
  • Effective dating
  • Historical data storage
  • Reports and charts

Counterparty Admin

Maintain all of your counterparties in one place, with complete Company, Contact and Contract information.

Attaché Financials Counterparty administration includes:

  • Multiple company types
  • Billing information
  • D-U-N-S Numbers®
  • Credit tracking
  • Contact maintenance
  • ISDA contracts
  • ICE eConfirms interface available for deal confirmations

Additional Highlights

Every organization's financial transaction needs are different. Let e-Systems make Attaché Financials work for you!

e-Systems provides customer-focused services, including:

  • Customization to fit your business needs
  • Releases deployed on your schedule
  • Release-specific test plan assistance
  • Personnel experienced in multi-commodity trading, risk management and accounting

Additional application features:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  • Record locking & detailed audit trails
  • Role-based User security