e-Systems' multi-disciplined and highly experienced personnel understand the challenges associated with today's complex business models. We offer a wide variety of products and services to help our clients better operate and manage their business.

System Development

e-Systems has a wide range of knowledge, experience and resources which we employ to develop custom software applications to meet a variety of business needs. In addition to our own proprietary software applications, we have developed numerous successful custom software solutions, providing our clients with immediate, and on-going, benefits and efficiencies. We boast an impressive track record regarding System Development. From business concept to technical architecture to integration and implementation, e-Systems delivers solid software solutions on time and within budget!

Analytical Services

We take an analytical approach to everything we do. As such, e-Systems offers analytical services in a wide variety of areas. Our knowledge and experience spans numerous industries and all manner of functional areas, including: commodity trading, operations, risk management and accounting; enterprise software application development, use and support; corporate finance and accounting; service industries; and many more. We provide our clients with the extra confidence they need when performing the analysis required for making critical decisions.

Facilitation & Planning

Do you have a languishing project, ongoing issue or broken business process? Tired of meeting about the same thing over and over and accomplishing nothing? Our clients rave about our ability to help them move projects forward through effective facilitation. As with everything we do, efficiency is a key part of our facilitation approach.