About e-Systems

In today's competitive environment, the ability to have accurate and timely information in one's hands, prior to making decisions, is a very valuable asset. Yet, many companies find it difficult to achieve this goal, or may actually have a competitive disadvantage due to the inability to get the right information at the right time.

e-Systems can assist in diagnosing many problems with a company's current information delivery methods. We can suggest and help implement a better solution - whether through custom software, by adapting/modifying existing software, or implementing new software. Additionally, we excel in designing new processes and procedures. If needed, we can also aide in addressing the skill sets and staffing necessary to support the new delivery method.

Although we have a strong background in the energy and utility industries (resulting in our proprietary software suite - Attaché ©), we have a diverse client base. We have developed custom software solutions in the medical, professional services and manufacturing fields, and have provided consulting services within a variety of other industries. As such, we know that the need for accurate and timely information exists in all businesses and we are able to help.

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