Attaché Physical

Attaché Physical is a complete Physical Natural Gas Management System. From deal consummation, to scheduling, all the way through accounting, Attaché Physical is the complete Natural Gas software solution.

Deal Entry

Attaché Physical can capture even the most complex natural gas deals.

Deal structures include:

  • Daily/Spot deals
  • Seasonal deals with varied volume and/or pricing structures
  • Long-term structured deals
  • Fixed & Index pricing
  • Step & Ratchet pricing
  • Multi-point receipt/delivery

In addition, Attaché Physical deal entry captures all typical transaction data elements relating to the counterparty and additional information for reporting purposes.

Storage Management

Manage your natural gas storage in real time!

Attaché Physical storage is fully integrated with Scheduling Nominations and supports all storage activities including:

  • Real-time storage inventory balances
  • Real-time WACOG using the all-in fuel cost from the source deal into storage; including pipeline transportation charges, fuel and associated fees
  • Multi-pipe facility support
  • Manage capacity with separately identifiable Storage Accounts
  • Storage Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all Storage Activities
  • Graphically displays inventory & WACOG history compared with market prices
  • Informational statistics include: monthly activity statistics, percentage of capacity, injection cycles and compete storage account setup information
  • Complete storage reporting suite

Pipeline Scheduling

"1-2-3 Click!" Scheduling simplifies nominations. Attaché Physical is the most flexible natural gas scheduling system available.

Scheduling Nominations supports:

  • Pathed & non-pathed models
  • Pipe-to-pipe transfers, even across multiple pipelines
  • Visual path component display
  • Integrated Storage Module
  • Pipeline actualization
  • Complete pipeline maintenance - maintain Zones, Points, Fuel and Tariff rates
  • Seamless integration with transportation contracts
  • Pipeline EDI Nominations Module is available


Attaché Physical focuses on transaction accounting fundamentals to streamline back-office operations.

Attaché Physical provides all of the core natural gas accounting functions, including:

  • Gas Invoices & Purchase Statements
  • Transportation Statements
  • Storage Statements
  • Invoice Sending & Tracking
  • Fully supports prior month adjustments
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Custom G/L integration is available


Maintain your pricing data effortlessly!

Attaché Physical's pricing functionality supports:

  • Industry Publications & Indexes
  • Custom price calculations (Min, Max & Average)
  • Monthly and daily indexes
  • Simplified price maintenance functionality
  • Single price input used throughout the application


Access your data quickly and easily. Standard reports as well as the easiest ad hoc reporting available, Flex Reporting.

Attaché Physical's reporting includes:

  • Function-specific reporting: Deals, Scheduling, Storage, Accounting, Pricing and Administration
  • Flex Reporting - no user-programming required!
  • Multiple format output: PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Over 120 built-in reports
  • Custom report development is available to meet your specific needs

Counterparty Admin

Maintain all of your counterparties in one place, with complete Company and Contact information at your fingertips.

Attaché Physical\'s Counterparty administration includes:

  • Multiple company types
  • Billing information
  • D-U-N-S Numbers®
  • Credit Tracking
  • Contact maintenance

Contract Management

Manage and track all contract information easily.

Contract administration includes:

  • NAESB buy/sell agreements
  • Transportation Contracts - integrated with Scheduling
  • Storage Contracts
  • ICE eConfirms interface available for deal confirmations

Physical on iOS

Take your Attaché Physical data with you to meetings, client sites and anywhere else.

Attaché Physical on the iPhone & iPad give you quick & secure access to:

  • Scheduling totals
  • Storage inventory & WACOG
  • Graphical pricing data
  • Standard reports
  • Email reports as PDF attachment


Showcase is an optional module that presents Attaché Physical data in a customized graphical format.

Features include:

  • Display Attaché Physical data in a graphical format, in real time
  • Convey information efficiently for operations or management information presentation
  • Customization is available to help eliminate spreadsheets and old-time whiteboards

Additional Highlights

Let e-Systems customize Attaché Physical to meet your businesses specific needs.

e-Systems provides customer-focused services, including:

  • Customization to fit your business operations
  • Releases deployed on your schedule
  • Release-specific test plan assistance
  • Personnel experienced in natural gas marketing, utilities and end-users

Additional application features:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  • Record locking & detailed audit trails
  • Role-based User security


Robust architecture that provides flexibility and scalability.

Features include:

  • n-tier structure
  • Open source application server
  • SQL server database
  • Minimal in-house IT support required
  • e-Systems can provide full IT support - optional