Attaché Emissions

Attaché Emissions provides all of the functionality needed to capture, manage and account for Emissions Allowances and Offsets in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Deal Entry

Capture deals once - no spreadsheets or other manual tracking needed!

Allowance Deals:

  • By type (forward, immediate, swap/loan)
  • Multi-Vintage delivery
  • Vintage-specific pricing & broker fees
  • Track deal status & EPA Transfer Dates
  • Broker & inter-company deals
  • Deal confirmations and tracking

Offset Deals:

  • Multiple Transfer Dates
  • Date-specific Volume & Price
  • Flexible, user-defined Offset Types, Origin Methods & Locations

EPA Allowance Allocations

Capture all actual & projected EPA allowance allocations.


  • Annual EPA Allowance Allocations (receipts)
  • Annual EPA Allowance surrender
  • Allocation projections by facility
  • EPA Serial Number tracking


Accounting that focuses on the things that matter!

Attaché Emissions supports:

  • Counterparty Statements
  • Broker Statements
  • Manage inventory by Entity, Allowance Type & Vintage
  • Inventory volume, total cost & weighted average cost
  • Emissions Actuals accruals at weighted average cost
  • Allocate costs based on facility ownership

Projections Management

Know your current & projected emissions situation at any time.

Attaché Emissions supports:

  • Emissions Dashboard - graphical data presentation
  • Multiple date-effective projection schedules
  • Report on Actual vs. Projections - numerically & graphically
  • Allowance Status at any point in time


Reporting is one of the most important reasons for owning a system.

Attaché Emissions supports data analysis with a variety of reporting tools:

  • Standard reports - formatted reports for everyday use
  • Flex Reporting - the easiest ad hoc reporting tool available
  • Graphs & charts to display information in an easily understood format
  • Multiple format output: PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Custom report development is available to meet your specific needs

Counterparty Admin

Maintain all of your counterparty and contact information in one place.

Counterparty & Contact administration includes:

  • Multiple company types, including Counterparties & Brokers
  • Billing information
  • Multiple addresses
  • D-U-N-S Numbers®
  • Contact maintenance

Additional Highlights

Attaché Emissions works for you in a variety of additional ways.

  • Enter data one time for use throughout the system
  • Record locking and data auditing
  • Robust, role-based user security
  • Custom integration with in-house systems provided

Flexible System Setup

Flexible enough to support variations by region and to adapt to ever-changing EPA regulations.

User defined system components:

  • Allowance Types
  • Allowance Factors
  • Offset Types
  • Offset Locations
  • Offset Origin Methods
  • Hierarchical reporting structure
  • Internal Company support
  • Facility set-up with date-effective ownership (multiple internal & external owners)